iOS light linen background? iOS light linen background? ios ios

iOS light linen background?

Use [UIColor underPageBackgroundColor]. And here is a link with useful information and samples.

I'm not sure it is exactly the one (seems darker to me) but, you can choose the "Scroll View Textured Background Color" in Interface Builder. To do so, when selection a color choose the dropbox to the right instead of the color box on the left.

alt text

I believe you should be able to find this background in the SDK(it should be the default one for this kind of "flick page up" function) or on google (try looking for UIStockImageUnderPageBackground.png).

Otherwise - it looks like a pattern. What you could do is to import the attached screenshot, then cut a bit without the shadows and fill a blank canvas with it, so that the sides match forming the original pattern.