Is iOS6 simulator buggy when deleting applications? Is iOS6 simulator buggy when deleting applications? ios ios

Is iOS6 simulator buggy when deleting applications?

I've run into this as well and it only seems to be a problem for me when I have the simulator set to version = iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.1. In any case, what I did to delete my app w/o completely resetting the simulator is the following:

  1. Quit iOS Simulator
  2. In the Finder or Terminal, go to ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/iPhone Simulator/5.1
  3. Delete the folder containing the app you want to remove from the simulator
  4. Restart the simulator (or just Build + Run from XCode) and your app gone/freshly installed

In step #2, replace "5.1" with the iOS simulator version you want to remove your app from.

The OP mentioned that this solution didn't work. My guess is they did not do step #1. If you don't quit the simulator first, deleting the app folder may not be possible if the app is running in the simulator and won't visually show up until a restart anyway.

You can reset you simulator configuration from iOS Simulator-> Reset Content and Settings...This will delete all your data on simulator

I have this problem with iPhone/iPad 6.0 simulator. I have Lion and xcode 4.5.2 .The way I solved it was after clicking on the X, to use menu to invoke slide to lock, then unlock it. Then the delete msg box will appear and I can confirm the delete.

I sometimes had to rotate left or right before slide to lock would show after invoking the menu.