Is there Android Intent concept in iPhone SDK Is there Android Intent concept in iPhone SDK ios ios

Is there Android Intent concept in iPhone SDK

Android and iOS are very different in this regard. Android is very open about letting you use intents to mix and match activities from other apps. iOS isn't like that; each app runs in its own private space and generally cannot even see other apps' data, let alone use their services. It is possible to cause other apps to run via custom URLs, but that's not the same thing.

What you'll need to do is to copy or move the code for the view controllers, views, etc. of your various iOS apps into your tab bar app project. You'll build them all into a single application, and the tab bar will switch between the view controllers.

With iOS 8 you will have something similar to Android Intents. Using App Extensions you can reach similar behavior.

In a close future Apps will start expose their "extension" (as you do in Android Framework declaring Intent Filters in the manifest) that will be used by application who need.The extension areas allowed in this first version are:

  • Today
  • Share
  • Action
  • Foto Editing
  • Document Provider
  • Custom Keyboard

It's great finally apple release this functionality!

Intent in Android covers a lot of functions. There is no iOS equivalent to that.

But if your objective is to launch a different app, and pass parameters to it, you can try out URL Schema.

Let's say you have app AAA with URL schema aaa:// and app BBB with URL bbb://You can launch app AAA, and call bbb://v=1&c=2 for example, to launch BBB and get the parameters. you can even take these parameters to control what view to show, so you can have a similar concept in Android, to call different Activity with Intents.

You have to register URL schema in Info.plist