Launch Screen not displaying iOS 8 Launch Screen not displaying iOS 8 ios ios

Launch Screen not displaying iOS 8

For those who are still looking for another answer here's what worked for us:

Our launch xib only contains an imageView in the middle of the view. For some reason the image never showed (but the view was there, checked it with changing the background color).

The solution was to move the image file out of the image catalog and just drop it in the project as a standalone file. Pretty strange considering when we tried other images from the catalog they appeared correctly but not this one. Anyway, I hope this helps someone!

I had the same issue.Turned out that I had earlier tried to attach a viewcontroller file with the launchscreen. To fix:

  1. Go to launch screen
  2. Click Connections Inspector in right pane
  3. Remove all connections.

Accoring to @doctorBroctor: also go to the File's Owner tab and remove the connections there.

  • Go to your launch screen
  • Go to file inspector
  • Check the checkbox for "Use as Launch Screen"

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