Non-public selectors in App? Non-public selectors in App? ios ios

Non-public selectors in App?

I had the same problem. I could not submit some of my apps because using non-public selectors. I also tried using Application Loader, but still the same error message

To solve the problem I installed Xcode 6.0.1 - it is still available to download here:

Before installing i moved the old Xcode to trash.

I can now submit any app.

I solved this by doing the following:

edit: I don't think the first step is needed

1) Cleaning the build folder (Hold Alt, Click Product -> Clean)

2) Deleting the Derived Data (Organizer -> Projects -> Select your project -> Delete Derived Data

The API differs between iOS 7 and iOS 8.I got my App validated by switching to Deployment Target "8.0" - built with XCode 6.1.It might not be the solution to all you guys but you could give it a try.

Might have happened to me because I recently started using UIAlertController -> seems to be an iOS-8-Feature. On iOS 7 this would be UIAlertView. So if you use some nifty new features they might not have been available with previous iOS versions - thus non-public API.