Problems with SSL Pinning and AFNetworking 2.5.0 (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.) Problems with SSL Pinning and AFNetworking 2.5.0 (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.) ios ios

Problems with SSL Pinning and AFNetworking 2.5.0 (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.)

After reading through the AFNetworking code & and checking the change logs, here's what I had to do to get this working.

Create your AFSecurityPolicy object with AFSSLPinningModeCertificate:

AFSecurityPolicy* policy = [AFSecurityPolicy policyWithPinningMode:AFSSLPinningModeCertificate];

By default, AFNetworking will validate the domain name of the certificate. Our certificates are generated on a per-server basis, and not all of them will have a domain name, so we need to disable that:

[policy setValidatesDomainName:NO];

Since the certificates are self-signed, they are technically 'invalid', so we need to allow that as well:

[policy setAllowInvalidCertificates:YES];

Lastly, AFNetworking will attempt to validate the certificate all the way up the certificate chain, which to me seems like it would only go up the chain to OUR CA, but for whatever reason it doesn't, so we have to disable that too:

[policy setValidatesCertificateChain:NO];

And that's it! Set the security policy in your request manager like you're already doing and it should work fine.

So, recap, all you really need to change in the code you posted is this:

A) As David Caunt mentioned, change your pinning mode from AFSSLPinningModeNone to AFSSLPinningModeCertificate


B) Add the line to disable validating the domain name: [policy setValidatesDomainName:NO]

Another note, AFNetworking now automatically checks your bundle for .cer files, so if you were to rename your certificate to have a .cer extension, you can eliminate the code to get the certificate data out of the bundle and set the pinned certificates.

since you have manager initialized, you can do:

manager.securityPolicy.allowInvalidCertificates = YES;manager.securityPolicy.validatesDomainName = NO;

and it will work for a self-signed certificate

I was getting this error, Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1012 NSErrorFailingURLStringKey

The below change alone got it working for me.

self.validatesDomainName = NO;