Reference to 'X' is ambiguous Reference to 'X' is ambiguous ios ios

Reference to 'X' is ambiguous

Ok after creating a new Project and coping everything to this project the build was successful however i got this "Malformed or corrupted AST file" error several times again but it can be solved by:

  • Clean the project
  • Deleting everything inside '~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache/' (the button inside the organizer window did not work for me)
  • Clean once more
  • Build project

after that it works just fine except that i have to do this fix from time to time

i also did a diff to the old project and it seems a lot of frameworks and other old stuff got stuck in there from testing things so in case you have this check your project settings file for old stuff.

i thought that xcode and me can be friends one day. guess not...

This's maybe you import like this:

#import "xxxx.h"

I fix it through this:

#import < xxxx/xxxx.h>

I have got this problem when I have imported a header file twice. After one of them is removed, the problem disappears.