Reload section method in swift 3? Reload section method in swift 3? ios ios

Reload section method in swift 3?

Reload Section in Swift 3.0

i.e Reloading 0th section to 0th Section, Because tableview hasdefault one section that index is 0.

//let myRange: ClosedRange = 0...0self.tableViewPostComments.reloadSections(IndexSet(integersIn: 0...0), with:

For Swift 4

self.tableViewPostComments.reloadSections(IndexSet(integersIn: 0...0), with:

For Swift 5

In Swift 5 you can use this short & simple line.

self.tableViewPostComments.reloadSections(IndexSet(integersIn: 0...0), with: .top)

do like in swift3 for more information see this

expandableTableView.reloadSections(IndexSet(integer: gestureRecognizer.view!.tag), with: .automatic)

Note that after the conversion NSIndexSet became IndexSet. IndexSet is the Swift overlay to the Foundation framework for NSIndexSet:

The Swift overlay to the Foundation framework provides the IndexSet structure, which bridges to the NSIndexSet class and its mutable subclass, NSMutableIndexSet. The IndexSet value type offers the same functionality as the NSIndexSet reference type, and the two can be used interchangeably in Swift code that interacts with Objective-C APIs. This behavior is similar to how Swift bridges standard string, numeric, and collection types to their corresponding Foundation classes.

If you checked the description of reloadSections method signature, you will note that it is:

reloadSections(_ sections: IndexSet, with animation: UITableViewRowAnimation

sections parameter is IndexSet but NOT NSIndexSet anymore.

So, what you could do is:

_expandableTableView.reloadSections(NSIndexSet(index: gestureRecognizer.view.tag) as IndexSet, with: .automatic)

OR I prefer to add IndexSet without even using the as IndexSet:

_expandableTableView.reloadSections(IndexSet(integer: gestureRecognizer.view!.tag), with: .automatic)