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Setting tableHeaderView height dynamically

Copied from this post. (Make sure you see it if you're looking for more details)

override func viewDidLayoutSubviews() {    super.viewDidLayoutSubviews()    if let headerView = tableView.tableHeaderView {        let height = headerView.systemLayoutSizeFitting(UIView.layoutFittingCompressedSize).height        var headerFrame = headerView.frame        //Comparison necessary to avoid infinite loop        if height != headerFrame.size.height {            headerFrame.size.height = height            headerView.frame = headerFrame            tableView.tableHeaderView = headerView        }    }}

Determining the header's frame size using


as suggested in the answers above didn't work for me when my header view consisted of a single multiline label. With the label's line break mode set to wrap, the text just gets cut off:

enter image description here

Instead, what did work for me was using the width of the table view and a height of 0 as the target size:

header.systemLayoutSizeFitting(CGSize(width: tableView.bounds.width, height: 0))

enter image description here

Putting it all together (I prefer to use an extension):

extension UITableView {    func updateHeaderViewHeight() {        if let header = self.tableHeaderView {            let newSize = header.systemLayoutSizeFitting(CGSize(width: self.bounds.width, height: 0))            header.frame.size.height = newSize.height        }    }}

And call it like so:

override func viewWillLayoutSubviews() {    super.viewWillLayoutSubviews()    tableView.updateHeaderViewHeight()}

More condensed version of OP's answer, with the benefit of allowing layout to happen naturally (note this solution uses viewWillLayoutSubviews):

override func viewWillLayoutSubviews() {    super.viewWillLayoutSubviews()    if let header = tableView.tableHeaderView {        let newSize = header.systemLayoutSizeFitting(UIView.layoutFittingCompressedSize)        header.frame.size.height = newSize.height    }}

Thanks to TravMatth for the original answer.