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TestFlight iOS App get-task-allow Issue

Same exact issue for about 4 hours today - restarting Xcode seems to be the fix as depressing as that is.

I had this and solved it.

Xcode was using a different provisioning profile from the one I had expected it to - it was signing the build with a distribution certificate, but had created a development provisioning profile.

It turned out that the distribution certificate was somehow invalid. I discovered this by setting the provisioning profile explicitly in the project, which then prompted xcode to give me an error to tell me there were problems.

A good place to start solving these issues is to look in the build log, at the codesign step - there will be a line line:

Using code signing identity "iPhone Distribution: XXXXXX" and provisioning profile "YYYYYY" (<..guid...>)

Check this line says the certificate and profile you expect, and that the signing identity and profile are both distribution ones.

For me the problem was that I had a custom .framework bundled with the app that was not code signed. Apparently this unsigned framework caused the problem.

When I code signed the framework with a distribution certificate the app uploaded without problems.