UIImage not displaying using Swift UIImage not displaying using Swift ios ios

UIImage not displaying using Swift

Inorder to display images you have to change the code in following way

let image1 = UIImage(named: "img1.jpg")let imageview = UIImageView(image: image1)self.view.addSubview(imageview)let image2 = UIImage(named: "img2.jpg")let button = UIButton(frame: CGRect(origin: CGPoint(x: 0, y: 100), size: image2.size)button.setImage(image2, forState: UIControlState.Normal)self.view.addSubview(button)

Remember swift is not supporting .png format images, It is supporting .jpg format.

I tried your code in iOS 8-Simulator and on my iOS 7 device and it did what it should do. So no, in my case I don't see a problem.

I changed img1 to img1.JPG (name of file) and img2 to img2.png. And I copied the images directly into the folder where the view controller is..

There seems to be a disconnect between the votes for the question and the other answers, so I will add a generic answer for how to display an image in Swift. That is what originally brought me here anyway.

How to display an image in Swift

Use UIImage to get a reference to the image in the main bundle.

let image = UIImage(named: "rocket.png")imageView.image = image


  • imageView is a UIImageView
  • In my tests, including or excluding the .png file extension did not make a different. It might be necessary to include if you are using multiple image formats, though.
  • Also in my tests, it did not make a difference whether the image was directly added to the project or was in Assets.xcassets.
  • If you need an image that is not in the main bundle, see this question.
  • According to the edit in the original question here, deleting the image and re-adding it to the bundle is what solved the problem.