What are some great iPhone questions for exercise? [closed] What are some great iPhone questions for exercise? [closed] ios ios

What are some great iPhone questions for exercise? [closed]

Things every iOS developer should know about:

  1. Categories (how to extend existing classes with newfunctionality)
  2. Delegation pattern (how to implement your own delegates using eithera formal or informal protocol)
  3. Blocks (often an improvement on delegation in case ofasynchronous calls, also useful in many other ways)
  4. Passing NSErrors through indirection pointers.
  5. NSInvocationOperation / NSOperationQueue for easy / clean threading code.

With the arrival of iOS 5 soon, one might want to learn about:

  1. Storyboarding with Xcode 4.2 / iOS SDK 5.0
  2. ARC

As a iPhone developer I will set these topics as a 10 minutes presentation.

Beginner level, may be useless if you are already developed in Obj-C but quite useful to integrate a C++ dev in your team

  • C++ vs Objective-C, Objective-C 2.0, Objective-C++
  • Memory management in Obj-C (retain, release, autorelease)
  • MVC design pattern
  • IB outlets
  • Design patterns in Obj-C
  • Use Stack Overflow before Google (not specifically iOS)

Medium/Advanced level

  • ** Instruments ** (how to use it) (very important)
  • Comment code (even if selectors are expressive? a line or two is always better)
  • Automated tests (Who test their app anyway ? :))
  • Image manipulation + memory warnings
  • Code review of past apps (what is good, what is bad)
  • Code abstraction (see what module you have copied/pasted many times on yours apps and way to make it like a framework)
  • OpenGL ES (basics, only useful if you makes games)
  • Maps integration (with custom callouts, pins ...)
  • App Store submission (things to check before sending the app)
  • In-app Purchases
  • Push notifications
  • Core Data
  • SQLlite
  • Web service integration
  • Game Kit
  • Reducing loading times in the app by preloading
  • XMLParser (DOM and SAX)
  • Bonjour
  • Networking (checking that the iPhone can connect to the server)
  • Social network integration (FB, twitter, 4square ...)
  • Using GoogleMaps webservices
  • JSON
  • Core Animation (very long presentation)
  • Using UIAcceloremeter
  • Custom Views
  • Creating IB outlets
  • Creating Frameworks
  • Using Core Audio
  • Geolocalisation
  • Using C++ frameworks with iOS Projects

Things I don't know :

  • Calendar
  • Using iTunes library
  • CoreTelephony
  • Messing with Address Book
  • iAd
  • Video