What are the "First Responder" and "Exit" boxes purpose in the storyboard editor? What are the "First Responder" and "Exit" boxes purpose in the storyboard editor? ios ios

What are the "First Responder" and "Exit" boxes purpose in the storyboard editor?

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Note: You probably won’t be using the First Responder very much. This is a proxy object that refers to whatever object has first responder status at any given time. It was also present in your nibs and you probably never had a need to use it then either. As an example, you can hook up the Touch Up Inside event from a button to First Responder’s cut: selector. If at some point a text field has input focus then you can press that button to make the text field, which is now the first responder, cut its text to the pasteboard.


1) First Responder is very useful if you are using text fields with keyboard notifications. I use it to make keyboard disappear, make an outlet to variable currentFirstResponder of your class, and in viewWillDisappear:

[self.currentFirstResponder resignFirstResponder];

2) You can read about unwind segues ("Exit" box) here

I've never used it and probably never will but you can assign an object to be the first in line to receive the events from the UI.

I suppose you could be creating a UIView subclass and add it in to a UIViewController but you actually want some other object to receive and process the events other than the UIViewController you are adding it to.

I found this link which kind of explains it a bit better.

First Responder: The First Responder icon stands for the object that the user is currently interacting with. When a user works with an iOS application, multiple objects could potentially respond to the various gestures or keystrokes that the user creates. The first responder is the object currently in control and interacting with the user. A text field that the user is typing into, for example, would be the first responder until the user moves to another field or control.

Exit: The Exit icon serves a very specific purpose that will come into play only in multiscene applications. When you are creating an app that moves the user between a series of screens, the Exit icon provides a visual means of jumping back to a previous screen. If you have built five scenes that link from one to another and you want to quickly return to the first scene from the fifth, you’ll link from the fifth scene to the first scene’s Exit icon.

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