Where do you file bugs for Android/iOS Google Products or Services (AppInvites, Maps, etc...)? [closed] Where do you file bugs for Android/iOS Google Products or Services (AppInvites, Maps, etc...)? [closed] ios ios

Where do you file bugs for Android/iOS Google Products or Services (AppInvites, Maps, etc...)? [closed]

Looking at this question there are mixed answers on how or where to report a bug for Google Services.

In my opinion Google Play Developer Console would be the best option.

Contact Us > App development & technical support

which leads you to http://developer.android.com/support.html. Clicking on Report a platform bug opens the form to submit a bug.

The default template states:

This form is only for reporting bugs found in the Android system while developing Android applications. Use the Tools templates for issues with the developer tools.

Changing the template to Tools bug report links you to http://tools.android.com/filing-bugs, and looking at Project Overview, you can see that Services is one of the projects inside. I think this would be the right place, because Services should be under developer tools.

I understand your "frustration", Google in this case is the essence of fragmentation and it seems it will not change in the immediate future (also after Alphabet).

For this reason for me there is no one answer to your question or better the answer is not conventional.

When I look for the issue tracker related to a Google SDK I do a google search query with this pattern:

"google sdk name" issue site:https://code.google.com/p/

e.g for google analytics I do "google analytics" issue site:https://code.google.com/p/ .

For the SDKs you listed in your question these are the direct links to the respective issue trackers:

  1. Google Play Services Android/iOS SDK
  2. Google AppInvites Android/iOS SDK
  3. Google Maps Android/iOS SDK
  4. Google Analytics Android/iOS SDK

To be clear what I mean with not conventional I give you the link for the issue tracker of Google Support Libraries. As you may see, it's not an issue tracker per se but belongs to the android issue tracker in the form of search result with label "Component-Support-Libraries".

I remember when I filed an issue for an android security bug, it wasn't easy to find an e-mail address to do that confidentially.

I hope Google will change and I think that a way to let them to best understand that, is to up-vote your question, as I do now.

For where do I file a bug to Google about one of its Android (or iOS) SDK / products for developers?

Here is the link where you can report issues regarding google.

You can describe below issues to Google.

  1. I need assistance with my Google account.
  2. I want to remove content on Google Search, Youtube, or another service.
  3. I want to report a technical security bug in a Google product (SQLi, XSS, etc.).
  4. I want to report fraud, malware, or other problems not listed above.

If vulnerability is vaild and they successfully reproduce it you may get Bug Bounty.Google will contact you within day or two.

Bug Report Link :


Steps :

  1. Select option for reporting bug.
  2. Enter your contact details.
  3. Select Google Product as affected.
  4. Enter how to reproduce that vulnerability
  5. Submit It.


There is one more link provided by android to report bugs.

Hope it will help you.