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XCode 5 Crashes on AppStore Validation

I, too, got this error and crash in XCode 5 when submitting my archive from the organizer, while in Xcode 4.6, I had no issues just weeks before. It seems the real issue is that XCode is unable to find a matching signing identity; somehow the previously-created provisioning profile is not compatible or is not recognized.

Like mentioned by Manthan, creating a new provisioning profile resolves this problem. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Log into https://developer.apple.com/membercenter/index.action
  2. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, select Provisioning Profiles.
  3. Optional: select the old profile and then click the delete button.
  4. Click the Add button (+) in the upper-right corner.
  5. Select App Store as the distribution method; click Continue.
  6. Choose your App ID; Continue
  7. Choose your Certificate. NOTE: Make sure you select a certificate for which you have the private key (see Applications/Utilities/KeyChain Access, keychain: login, category: my certificates. Your certificate must be listed here with a private key in the sub list, otherwise you will need to obtain a new certificate.)
  8. Enter a name, and Done.
  9. In XCode Preferences (Cmd+,) select the Accounts tab, and then click View Details...
  10. Click the refresh button in the bottom left.

Now the new profile should appear (and the old one will disappear if you deleted it in step 3).

Finally, set the build settings and perform another archive.

  1. In XCode Project Navigator, select the project target and then Build Settings
  2. Enter "code sign" in the search filter
  3. Set the Provisioning Profile for Release to the new profile (as loaded in step 10).
  4. Set the Code Signing Identity for Release to the certificate from step 7 (or automatic should be okay)
  5. Product menu->Archive

At this point, I was able to validate and submit to app store. Hope it works for you too.

Try refreshing Certs/Provisioning Profiles in the new XCode 5 Accounts

XCode > menu > Preferences > AccountsClick on your Developer Account from list on the LeftView Details button on rightPop down screen appearsHit tiny refresh button on bottom left.If it says NO SIGNING CERT FOUND then 1. if this is your first deploy to App Store then you need a cert.2. If youve done it before did you choose the right account from the list.Should have ADMIN status

The Top table should have VALID in second column

In bottom table sort by Expiration.

Scroll up and down as sorting doesnt move to top or bottom of table.

Make sure your Distribution cert hasnt expired.

If so you need to renew it in developer.apple.com

I find its safer do everything anything cert or prov profile related through this new accounts screen. If you change it on developer.apple.com.Dont download it.Just go to XCode accounts and hit refresh.things like Organizer > Validate > Distribute behave themselves then.

XCode account showing all certs as VALID and Expiration date in the future

enter image description here

Someone mention setting the Prov profiles in Build Settings.

Dont think this is needed anymore after XCode 5.

Here's screen shot of my Build settings.

If you add the right iTunes Developer account in XCode > Accounts.

When you Archive > Validate its there that you get a list of Distribution PPs to sign you app with. So setting them in Build Settings not needed.

enter image description here

enter image description here

You need to create New Provisioning profile for distribution to fix it.

Hope it works fine for you.