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Xcode 8 Image Completion

Xcode 8 will automatically recognize any images you’ve got in an Asset Catalog and offer them up as a suggestion inside of a UIImage initializer.

So basically what you need to do is just the following (as you have done in your question, but there must be something else that´s disturbing it):

let i = voiture // image name

And then just use i when you want to set an image.

Under the hood it’s creating code that looks like this: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "voiture.png"). But inline in the source editor, you’ll just see the file name of the image. The #imageLiteral syntax is only recognised on Swift 3 or later.

Here is a demonstration video link where I do this and here is a link to a sample project that I created.

Note that you need to click on the instellisense suggestion so that you see a thumbnail of the image in the code and then the image name.

Update 1

This functionality remains in Xcode Version 9.0 beta 6 (9M214v)enter image description here

Update 2

Xcode 11.2.1, this is not appearing anymore.

An image literal already is a UIImage, you don't need to pass it to a UIImage to initialize one.

I'm unable to find an "official" source for it, but from my personal testing it appears that while the autocomplete works in both Swift 2.3 and Swift 3.0 projects, image literals will only work correctly in a Swift 3 project.

Give it a try in a Swift 3 playground and you'll find it works just fine.

enter image description here