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Xcode : sharing content via Action Sheet

It is not in UIActionSheet it is in UIActivityController, which is the default function in iOS.


- (void)presentActivityController:(UIActivityViewController *)controller {    // for iPad: make the presentation a Popover    controller.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationPopover;    [self presentViewController:controller animated:YES completion:nil];    UIPopoverPresentationController *popController = [controller popoverPresentationController];    popController.permittedArrowDirections = UIPopoverArrowDirectionAny;    popController.barButtonItem = self.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem;    // access the completion handler    controller.completionWithItemsHandler = ^(NSString *activityType,                                              BOOL completed,                                              NSArray *returnedItems,                                              NSError *error){        // react to the completion        if (completed) {            // user shared an item            NSLog(@"We used activity type%@", activityType);        } else {            // user cancelled            NSLog(@"We didn't want to share anything after all.");        }        if (error) {            NSLog(@"An Error occured: %@, %@", error.localizedDescription, error.localizedFailureReason);        }    };}-(void)sendMessage {    //create a message    NSString *theMessage = @"Some text we're sharing with an activity controller";    NSArray *items = @[theMessage];    // build an activity view controller    UIActivityViewController *controller = [[UIActivityViewController alloc]initWithActivityItems:items applicationActivities:nil];    // and present it    [self presentActivityController:controller];}


let shareText = "Hello, world!"if let image = UIImage(named: "myImage") {    let vc = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: [shareText, image], applicationActivities: [])     present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)}

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You can achieve this result by using UIActivityController class.

Please take a look at this link :- http://nshipster.com/uiactivityviewcontroller/

Hope this helps!