How can I convert JSON to CSV? How can I convert JSON to CSV? json json

How can I convert JSON to CSV?

With the pandas library, this is as easy as using two commands!

df = pd.read_json()

read_json converts a JSON string to a pandas object (either a series or dataframe). Then:


Which can either return a string or write directly to a csv-file. See the docs for to_csv.

Based on the verbosity of previous answers, we should all thank pandas for the shortcut.

For unstructured JSON see this answer.

First, your JSON has nested objects, so it normally cannot be directly converted to CSV. You need to change that to something like this:

{    "pk": 22,    "model": "auth.permission",    "codename": "add_logentry",    "content_type": 8,    "name": "Can add log entry"},......]

Here is my code to generate CSV from that:

import csvimport jsonx = """[    {        "pk": 22,        "model": "auth.permission",        "fields": {            "codename": "add_logentry",            "name": "Can add log entry",            "content_type": 8        }    },    {        "pk": 23,        "model": "auth.permission",        "fields": {            "codename": "change_logentry",            "name": "Can change log entry",            "content_type": 8        }    },    {        "pk": 24,        "model": "auth.permission",        "fields": {            "codename": "delete_logentry",            "name": "Can delete log entry",            "content_type": 8        }    }]"""x = json.loads(x)f = csv.writer(open("test.csv", "wb+"))# Write CSV Header, If you dont need that, remove this linef.writerow(["pk", "model", "codename", "name", "content_type"])for x in x:    f.writerow([x["pk"],                x["model"],                x["fields"]["codename"],                x["fields"]["name"],                x["fields"]["content_type"]])

You will get output as:

pk,model,codename,name,content_type22,auth.permission,add_logentry,Can add log entry,823,auth.permission,change_logentry,Can change log entry,824,auth.permission,delete_logentry,Can delete log entry,8

I am assuming that your JSON file will decode into a list of dictionaries. First we need a function which will flatten the JSON objects:

def flattenjson(b, delim):    val = {}    for i in b.keys():        if isinstance(b[i], dict):            get = flattenjson(b[i], delim)            for j in get.keys():                val[i + delim + j] = get[j]        else:            val[i] = b[i]                return val

The result of running this snippet on your JSON object:

flattenjson({    "pk": 22,     "model": "auth.permission",     "fields": {      "codename": "add_message",       "name": "Can add message",       "content_type": 8    }  }, "__")


{    "pk": 22,     "model": "auth.permission",     "fields__codename": "add_message",     "fields__name": "Can add message",     "fields__content_type": 8}

After applying this function to each dict in the input array of JSON objects:

input = map(lambda x: flattenjson( x, "__" ), input)

and finding the relevant column names:

columns = [x for row in input for x in row.keys()]columns = list(set(columns))

it's not hard to run this through the csv module:

with open(fname, 'wb') as out_file:    csv_w = csv.writer(out_file)    csv_w.writerow(columns)    for i_r in input:        csv_w.writerow(map(lambda x: i_r.get(x, ""), columns))

I hope this helps!