Pass array to ajax request in $.ajax() [duplicate] Pass array to ajax request in $.ajax() [duplicate] json json

Pass array to ajax request in $.ajax() [duplicate]

info = [];info[0] = 'hi';info[1] = 'hello';$.ajax({   type: "POST",   data: {info:info},   url: "index.php",   success: function(msg){     $('.answer').html(msg);   }});

Just use the JSON.stringify method and pass it through as the "data" parameter for the $.ajax function, like follows:

$.ajax({    type: "POST",    url: "index.php",    dataType: "json",    data: JSON.stringify({ paramName: info }),    success: function(msg){        $('.answer').html(msg);    }});

You just need to make sure you include the JSON2.js file in your page...

NOTE: Doesn't work on newer versions of jQuery.

Since you are using jQuery please use it's seralize function to serialize data and then pass it into the data parameter of ajax call:

info[0] = 'hi';info[1] = 'hello';var data_to_send = $.serialize(info);$.ajax({    type: "POST",    url: "index.php",    data: data_to_send,    success: function(msg){        $('.answer').html(msg);    }});