Convert Pandas Column to DateTime Convert Pandas Column to DateTime python python

Convert Pandas Column to DateTime

Use the to_datetime function, specifying a format to match your data.

raw_data['Mycol'] =  pd.to_datetime(raw_data['Mycol'], format='%d%b%Y:%H:%M:%S.%f')

If you have more than one column to be converted you can do the following:

df[["col1", "col2", "col3"]] = df[["col1", "col2", "col3"]].apply(pd.to_datetime)

You can use the DataFrame method .apply() to operate on the values in Mycol:

>>> df = pd.DataFrame(['05SEP2014:00:00:00.000'],columns=['Mycol'])>>> df                    Mycol0  05SEP2014:00:00:00.000>>> import datetime as dt>>> df['Mycol'] = df['Mycol'].apply(lambda x:                                     dt.datetime.strptime(x,'%d%b%Y:%H:%M:%S.%f'))>>> df       Mycol0 2014-09-05