Converting Python dict to kwargs? Converting Python dict to kwargs? python python

Converting Python dict to kwargs?

Use the double-star (aka double-splat?) operator:


is equivalent to


** operator would be helpful here.

** operator will unpack the dict elements and thus **{'type':'Event'} would be treated as type='Event'

func(**{'type':'Event'}) is same as func(type='Event') i.e the dict elements would be converted to the keyword arguments.


* will unpack the list elements and they would be treated as positional arguments.

func(*['one', 'two']) is same as func('one', 'two')

Here is a complete example showing how to use the ** operator to pass values from a dictionary as keyword arguments.

>>> def f(x=2):...     print(x)... >>> new_x = {'x': 4}>>> f()        #    default value x=22>>> f(x=3)     #   explicit value x=33>>> f(**new_x) # dictionary value x=4 4