Getting the SQL from a Django QuerySet [duplicate] Getting the SQL from a Django QuerySet [duplicate] python python

Getting the SQL from a Django QuerySet [duplicate]

You print the queryset's query attribute.

>>> queryset = MyModel.objects.all()>>> print(queryset.query)SELECT "myapp_mymodel"."id", ... FROM "myapp_mymodel"


print my_queryset.query

For example:

from django.contrib.auth.models import Userprint User.objects.filter(last_name__icontains = 'ax').query

It should also be mentioned that if you have DEBUG = True, then all of your queries are logged, and you can get them by accessing connection.queries:

from django.db import connectionsconnections['default'].queries

The django debug toolbar project uses this to present the queries on a page in a neat manner.

The accepted answer did not work for me when using Django 1.4.4. Instead of the raw query, a reference to the Query object was returned: <django.db.models.sql.query.Query object at 0x10a4acd90>.

The following returned the query:

>>> queryset = MyModel.objects.all()>>> queryset.query.__str__()