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Hide all warnings in ipython

I eventually figured it out. Place:

import warningswarnings.filterwarnings('ignore')

inside ~/.ipython/profile_default/startup/disable-warnings.py. I'm leaving this question and answer for the record in case anyone else comes across the same issue.

Quite often it is useful to see a warning once. This can be set by:


I hide the warnings in the pink boxes by running the following code in a cell:

from IPython.display import HTMLHTML('''<script>code_show_err=false; function code_toggle_err() { if (code_show_err){ $('div.output_stderr').hide(); } else { $('div.output_stderr').show(); } code_show_err = !code_show_err} $( document ).ready(code_toggle_err);</script>To toggle on/off output_stderr, click <a href="javascript:code_toggle_err()">here</a>.''')

The accepted answer does not work in Jupyter (at least when using some libraries).

The Javascript solutions here only hide warnings that are already showing but not warnings that would be shown in the future.

To hide/unhide warnings in Jupyter and JupyterLab I wrote the following script that essentially toggles css to hide/unhide warnings.

%%javascript(function(on) {const e=$( "<a>Setup failed</a>" );const ns="js_jupyter_suppress_warnings";var cssrules=$("#"+ns);if(!cssrules.length) cssrules = $("<style id='"+ns+"' type='text/css'>div.output_stderr { } </style>").appendTo("head");e.click(function() {    var s='Showing';      cssrules.empty()    if(on) {        s='Hiding';        cssrules.append("div.output_stderr, div[data-mime-type*='.stderr'] { display:none; }");    }    e.text(s+' warnings (click to toggle)');    on=!on;}).click();$(element).append(e);})(true);