How to find if directory exists in Python How to find if directory exists in Python python python

How to find if directory exists in Python

You're looking for os.path.isdir, or os.path.exists if you don't care whether it's a file or a directory:

>>> import os>>> os.path.isdir('new_folder')True>>> os.path.exists(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'new_folder', 'file.txt'))False

Alternatively, you can use pathlib:

 >>> from pathlib import Path >>> Path('new_folder').is_dir() True >>> (Path.cwd() / 'new_folder' / 'file.txt').exists() False

Python 3.4 introduced the pathlib module into the standard library, which provides an object oriented approach to handle filesystem paths. The is_dir() and exists() methods of a Path object can be used to answer the question:

In [1]: from pathlib import PathIn [2]: p = Path('/usr')In [3]: p.exists()Out[3]: TrueIn [4]: p.is_dir()Out[4]: True

Paths (and strings) can be joined together with the / operator:

In [5]: q = p / 'bin' / 'vim'In [6]: qOut[6]: PosixPath('/usr/bin/vim') In [7]: q.exists()Out[7]: TrueIn [8]: q.is_dir()Out[8]: False

Pathlib is also available on Python 2.7 via the pathlib2 module on PyPi.

So close! os.path.isdir returns True if you pass in the name of a directory that currently exists. If it doesn't exist or it's not a directory, then it returns False.