python BeautifulSoup parsing table python BeautifulSoup parsing table python python

python BeautifulSoup parsing table

Here you go:

data = []table = soup.find('table', attrs={'class':'lineItemsTable'})table_body = table.find('tbody')rows = table_body.find_all('tr')for row in rows:    cols = row.find_all('td')    cols = [ele.text.strip() for ele in cols]    data.append([ele for ele in cols if ele]) # Get rid of empty values

This gives you:

[ [u'1359711259', u'SRF', u'08/05/2013', u'5310 4 AVE', u'K', u'19', u'125.00', u'$'],   [u'7086775850', u'PAS', u'12/14/2013', u'3908 6th Ave', u'K', u'40', u'125.00', u'$'],   [u'7355010165', u'OMT', u'12/14/2013', u'3908 6th Ave', u'K', u'40', u'145.00', u'$'],   [u'4002488755', u'OMT', u'02/12/2014', u'NB 1ST AVE @ E 23RD ST', u'5', u'115.00', u'$'],   [u'7913806837', u'OMT', u'03/03/2014', u'5015 4th Ave', u'K', u'46', u'115.00', u'$'],   [u'5080015366', u'OMT', u'03/10/2014', u'EB 65TH ST @ 16TH AV E', u'7', u'50.00', u'$'],   [u'7208770670', u'OMT', u'04/08/2014', u'333 15th St', u'K', u'70', u'65.00', u'$'],   [u'$0.00\n\n\nPayment Amount:']]

Couple of things to note:

  • The last row in the output above, the Payment Amount is not a partof the table but that is how the table is laid out. You can filter itout by checking if the length of the list is less than 7.
  • The last column of every row will have to be handled separately since it is an input text box.

Updated Answer

If a programmer is interested in only parsing a table from a webpage, they can utilize the pandas method pandas.read_html.

Let's say we want to extract the GDP data table from the website:

Then following codes does the job perfectly (No need of beautifulsoup and fancy html):

import pandas as pdimport requestsurl = ""r = requests.get(url)df_list = pd.read_html(r.text) # this parses all the tables in webpages to a listdf = df_list[0]df.head()


First five lines of the table from the Website

Solved, this is how your parse their html results:

table = soup.find("table", { "class" : "lineItemsTable" })for row in table.findAll("tr"):    cells = row.findAll("td")    if len(cells) == 9:        summons = cells[1].find(text=True)        plateType = cells[2].find(text=True)        vDate = cells[3].find(text=True)        location = cells[4].find(text=True)        borough = cells[5].find(text=True)        vCode = cells[6].find(text=True)        amount = cells[7].find(text=True)        print amount