Python Requests throwing SSLError Python Requests throwing SSLError python python

Python Requests throwing SSLError

The problem you are having is caused by an untrusted SSL certificate.

Like @dirk mentioned in a previous comment, the quickest fix is setting verify=False:

requests.get('', verify=False)

Please note that this will cause the certificate not to be verified. This will expose your application to security risks, such as man-in-the-middle attacks.

Of course, apply judgment. As mentioned in the comments, this may be acceptable for quick/throwaway applications/scripts, but really should not go to production software.

If just skipping the certificate check is not acceptable in your particular context, consider the following options, your best option is to set the verify parameter to a string that is the path of the .pem file of the certificate (which you should obtain by some sort of secure means).

So, as of version 2.0, the verify parameter accepts the following values, with their respective semantics:

  • True: causes the certificate to validated against the library's own trusted certificate authorities (Note: you can see which Root Certificates Requests uses via the Certifi library, a trust database of RCs extracted from Requests: Certifi - Trust Database for Humans).
  • False: bypasses certificate validation completely.
  • Path to a CA_BUNDLE file for Requests to use to validate the certificates.

Source: Requests - SSL Cert Verification

Also take a look at the cert parameter on the same link.

From requests documentation on SSL verification:

Requests can verify SSL certificates for HTTPS requests, just like a web browser. To check a host’s SSL certificate, you can use the verify argument:

>>> requests.get('', verify=True)

If you don't want to verify your SSL certificate, make verify=False

The name of CA file to use you could pass via verify:

cafile = 'cacert.pem' # = requests.get(url, verify=cafile)

If you use verify=True then requests uses its own CA set that might not have CA that signed your server certificate.