What's the best solution for OpenID with Django? [closed] What's the best solution for OpenID with Django? [closed] python python

What's the best solution for OpenID with Django? [closed]

The one that has proven to work best for me, and which seems most up-to-date is the one over at launchpad.

It integrated seamlessly with my application that already utilizes the django.auth module.


To get a copy run:

bzr branch lp:django-openid-auth

Or install it via PyPI

pip install django-openid-auth

The last post for this thread is in February. It's been almost 8 months and I'm pretty sure a lot of things have been changed.

I am very interested in Django-Socialauth since it supports gmail, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and OpenID.

I found two forks that seem up-to-date:



The second fork has been recently updated at this moment.

I was wondering if anyone has recently used any of these forks? I am looking for the most reliable one for my website.


Update: The most up-to-date fork appears to be omab/django-social-auth, which is also what the pypi package points at.

I prefer django-authopenid, but I think most of the mature solutions are pretty equal at this point. Still, it is what I see used the most. I've made a handful of customizations to how we use it without having to actually fork it, and that's a huge plus in my book. In other words, its fairly hookable.