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unnecessary normalization

In my opinion your friend is right.

Person should live in a different table and you should try to normalize. Don't overdo-it, though.

In the long run you may want to do more things with your site, say you want to attach multiple files to a person (ie. pictures) you'll be very thankfull then for the normalization.

Creating a new table for person and using the key of that table in place of the person attribute has nothing to do with normalization. It may be a good idea for other reasons but doing so does not make the database "more normalized" than not doing it. So you are right: as far as normalization is concerned, creating another table is unnecessary.

I would vote for your friend. I like to normalize and plan for the future and even if you never need it, this normalization is so easy to do it literally takes no time. You can create a view that you query in order to make your SQL cleaner and eliminate the need for you to join the tables yourself.