matplotlib error - no module named tkinter matplotlib error - no module named tkinter tkinter tkinter

matplotlib error - no module named tkinter

For Linux

Debian based distros:

sudo apt-get install python3-tk

RPM based distros:

sudo yum install python3-tkinter

For windows:

For Windows, I think the problem is you didn't install complete Python package. Since Tkinter should be shipped with Python out of box. See: . Good python distributions for Windows can be found by the companies Anaconda or ActiveState.

Test the python module

python -c "import tkinter"

p.s. I suggest installing ipython, which provides powerful shell and necessary packages as well.

you can use

import matplotlibmatplotlib.use('agg')import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

if you dont want to use tkinter at all.

Also dont forget to use %matplotlib inline at the top of your notebook if using one.

EDIT: agg is a different backend like tkinter for matplotlib.

For Windows users, there's no need to download the installer again. Just do the following:

  1. Go to start menu, type Apps & features,
  2. Search for "python" in the search box,
  3. Select the Python version (e.g. Python 3.8.3rc1(32-bit)) and click Modify,
  4. On the Modify Setup page click Modify,
  5. Tick td/tk and IDLE checkbox (which installs tkinter) and click next.

Wait for installation and you're done.