Unregister a XLL in Excel (VBA) Unregister a XLL in Excel (VBA) vba vba

Unregister a XLL in Excel (VBA)

I usually use below as I have to loan/unload xla multiple times during excel session. Let me know if it works for you:

AddIns.Add Filename:= "C:\test\1.XLL"AddIns("Pricer Add-In").Installed = FalseAddIns.Add Filename:= "C:\test\Arbitrage.XLL"AddIns("Pricer Add-In").Installed = True

you have to make sure that filepath and name of the addin match. To check the name of the addin, go to Tools -> Addin.

you can also use "Record Macro" feature and start recording and disable/enable the addin/xll from Tools -> Addin. Good luck

Adding a bit to the above answer.

1) You can register a dll in Tools/Addins in versions before 2007, after 2007 you need to press addins from the developer tab or go to the Add-Ins tab on the Excel options page and press Go after Manage - Excel Add-ins. From either of those places you can browse to a file and that will automatically register it.

2) as above, unselecting the check box unloads the add-in from excel. You do not need to reregister each time you build as long as the dll is in the same place.

3) Yes any 64 bit xlls must be compiled for 64 bit